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Take 5 with Colin Fassnidge

We caught up with Colin Fassnidge to talk food, family and festival fun! Colin is appearing at the 2018 Festival Village on the Main Stage, at the Chef’s Skills Table and under the Olsson's Salts Masterclass yurt.

Main Stage Cooking Demonstration
Saturday 19 May - 12.00pm - Suckling pig porchetta

Chef’s Skills Table
Saturday 19 May - 2.30pm - Making your own Buttermilk curd cheese and what to do with it

We have seen a lot of you on Television recently with MKR and viewers can’t get enough of it. Are you enjoying the celebrity status that television has given you?
Of course it’s nice to be recognised and liked! It’s interesting, you can get a lot of stuff done like help with charity work, help with supplies in the restaurant etc when people know who you are!

A night at home with the family – what’s one of your favourite dishes to cook?
I love my home cooking. Lasagne is a family favourite using pork and veal, tonnes of garlic and cheese, fresh herbs and of course, a good red wine to accompany it (for the adults that is).

Food trends come and go and some are enduring. Your thoughts on what we will be eating in 2018-2019?
Middle Eastern. We are already using it a lot with spices. Asian flavours are part of our norm now in Australia. No waste is also increasingly important – I’ve been doing this for years in my restaurants, for example getting two uses out of a piece of meat to be more sustainable and less waste.

Any advice for young people wanting to pursue a career in hospitality?
First thing I would suggest to anyone wanting to work in hospitality is to spend a few weekends washing dishes – you will be working every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night whilst all your mates are out having fun. That is a wake-up call and will give you a taste for how kitchens and restaurants work. This industry really is about passion – you can’t go into it thinking about fame and fortune.

You have been to Noosa a few times for the Noosa Food & Wine Festival – what do you like to do, when you are not at the Festival?
I love the camaraderie of all the chefs catching up over the weekend. It’s great to catch up with mates from Melbourne that you don’t get to see all the time as we are all busy working. Having a beer on the balcony of the Surf Club with mates is pretty damn good. We all catching up and have dinners together – it’s a fun weekend.

You are presenting one of the Chef’s Skills Tables on Saturday in the Courier Mail Producers Pavilion – what are planning on sharing?

Making your own buttermilk curd cheese and what to do with it! I visited a friend in Tamworth once - he’s not a chef and he had made his own cheese from a recipe that had been passed down to him and he shared with me. It’s a recipe I use a lot and adapt and its one that you will always keep.

Your Masterclass in the Olsson’s Salt Yurt has sold out – can you share with us what you will be doing that day?
My citrus cured salmon.

Visitors to the Noosa Food & Wine Festival will get to see you on the Main Stage in the Festival Village. What will you be cooking and why that dish?
I will be doing a nose to tail demo, breaking down a pig. The demonstration will show how to use different cuts and we will roll it into a Porchetta with a great little stuffing.



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