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Final Festival Village ticket release on sale now!    

OpenTable VIP Pavilion

OpenTable Festival Village VIP Pavilion

The hottest place to be during the Festival will be at the OpenTable Festival Village VIP Pavilion, with limited tickets available to this exclusive access venue which will host our guest Chefs and key partners over the Festival weekend.

Wines by Xanadu Margaret River and Asahi Super Dry, the preferred premium Japanese beer will be available as well as refreshing water by San Pellegrino. 

Each OpenTable VIP pass holder will receive four complimentary drinks each day, whilst enjoying an all-day grazing table prepared by Chef Gareth Collins, situated alongside Noosa River overlooking Witta Circle.

Tickets are available now
, which include:
  • Entry to the Festival Village
  • A dedicated pavilion ideally situated on the water side of Lions Park
  • An all day grazing table
  • Four complimentary drinks
  • A complimentary Festival stemless wine polycarb glass





16 - 19 May

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