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Dal Zotto


If ever there was a wine to counter the conventional wisdom, it must be Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco, the fun and fizzy Italian sparkling wine from the King Valley. Throw out those notions that proper bubbly must be hand-made stuff, made from only the noblest of Chardonnay and Pinot grapes. Dal Zotto’s Pucino comes from prosecco grown in the King Valley – Australia’s home of prosecco.

Pale straw, vivid green youthful hue; tantalizing hints of fresh cut pear, citrus blossom and a mere suggestion of spice jump out and present themselves on the bouquet; the palate is soft, appealing, approachable and basically a whole lot of fun, with gentle bubbles and alcohol combining seamlessly, and offering the maximum amount of freshness for a drink early, enjoy and not necessarily in moderation style of sparkling wine; a spot on example of Prosecco.

The Dal Zotto family, pioneers of prosecco in Australia, are determined to bring prosecco to lifestyle and aspirational wine drinkers across Australia. In recent years prosecco has become the drink of the spring / summer period. In part thanks to the rise in popularity of prosecco based cocktails such as the Italian favourite, the Aperol Spritz. Also because of its approachability, which is achieved through its freshness, balanced acidity and low alcohol level. “Anytime is prosecco time”, according to the Dal Zotto family.


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