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Jo Barrett

Jo Barrett grew up in Melbourne and can’t remember a time when she didn’t love cooking- she’s been an impressive sous chef in a variety of settings, notably Movida Bakery, alongside Shaun Quade at Collins Square (think Bar National, Long Shot & Web Catering) and Tivoli Rd Bakery.

Jo’s seamless transition to artisan bread and pastry added artistry to Matt Stone’s progressive team at Stanley Street Merchants, Sydney’s first people’s choice/crowd funded restaurant. The collaboration worked well and Jo’s passion for local, seasonal produce that’s sustainably sourced saw her at Brothl, another Stone/Joost project and now as Senior Sous Chef and Head of Pastry at Oakridge Winery with Stone.

Jo draws her inspiration from Australian Native ingredients and the natural beauty that surrounds her and strives to minimize waste, employing creative methods to get the most from every ingredient.

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16 - 20 May

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