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Pickling & Fermenting Masterclass

19 May 2019 2:30pm $35

The Fermentary: Raw, Wild, and Slow Fermented

Join us for a Pickling & Fermenting Masterclass with the master herself, Sharon Flynn.

From a love of good food to a fight for gut democracy, The Fermentary is proudly dedicated to complex, full flavour, gut loving, nutrient dense ferments. Their products taste great and make other food taste even better.

The fact that they are full of life and good for you is a bonus and should be true of more foods. Join Sharon Flynn, founder of the Fermentary, for an introduction to the wonderfully healthful world of ferments: It tastes better.

Please note, Olsson's Masterclasses are only accessible to those with a Festival Village pass. Each of the masterclass sessions run for 40 minutes.

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16 - 20 May

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