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Tanglewood Bakery

Tanglewood Bakery was formed on the values of creating healthy artisan bread that is natural, organic, living and baked daily in Noosa. Flour is sourced from organic growers who stone mill, retaining the endosperm and the germ. We source as many local ingredients as possible and use a 20hour slow rise fermentation process, which breaks down the acetic and phytic acid, in turn aiding in digestion and increasing the natural flavour of each loaf.

Beginning in 2014 and named after the beautiful Tanglewood Track that follows the eucalyptus woodlands and turquoise coast of the Noosa National Park, Tanglewood Bakery has quickly become a staple in the home of so many.

Tanglewood organic sourdough breads incorporate ancient grains, fresh milled flour and wheat free stoneground whole spelt flours using ‘old world’ techniques to harness the incredible flavours that sourdough is known for. All our pastries are organic and made using real butter, pasture raised eggs and local jersey milk.

Available fresh daily with a range of bread, pastries, toasties, tarts & slices to choose from.

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9.30am   Noosa Main Beach


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