Wasabi | Noosa Food and Wine


Wasabi Restaurant and Bar is a multi award winning Japanese fine dining restaurant located on the Noosa River.

We believe in both a contemporary sensibility and in the purity of our Japanese roots.

In Japan, many restaurants specialise in a local cuisine developed by predominantly using ingredients that can only be sourced from the immediate area. We are trying to stay true to that concept and whilst still maintaining an entirely Japanese aesthetic, use as many locally grown elements as we can.

The current menu led by Executive Chef and co-owner, Zeb Gilbert is designed to showcase seasonal produce from our farm at Honeysuckle Hill, other regional ingredients and the amazing seafood caught daily from the local fishing fleet. We hope to try and provide a better platform in Australia for lesser known seafood and the techniques used to prepare them.

Our goal is to carry on increasing the flexibility and creativity in the kitchen and to always reward our wonderful clientele with the next stage in Wasabi’s continuing evolution. Providing a unique regional dining experience with a sense of place for our clients, whose continued support is greatly appreciated, is our ultimate ambition.


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